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Providing Safe, High Quality, Cost Effective Services Since 1980.

Commercial Diving

We are a full service commercial diving contractor specializing in heavy underwater construction and inspections.

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Welding Services

We are a full service welding contractor specializing in on-site welding services.

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Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

We use state of the art robotic technology to assist in our diving and inspection services.

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Marine Services

We provide various Marine Services.

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The SeaBotix LBV150 is the benchmark MiniROV system setting the standard for small capable ROV systems.

  • Using LBV increases depth capability and dive times
  • Ability to conduct inspection beyond the dive restrictions
  • High level of capability and quality of video
  • 150 meter (500ft) depth rating
  • Powerful DC thrusters
  • 4-axis maneuverability with intuitive hand controller
  • Ultra small diameter high strength, durable, low drag tether
  • Crystal clear video and high resolution low light color and black & white cameras
  • 270ยบ range of view with high intensity lighting array tracking camera
  • Extensive range of options including, grabber, line cutter, LED lighting and more